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Medical Escort Care


Supreme Care is a home care service company that provides home rehabilitation and nursing care services.  Our professional team supports the sick and elderly to continue to enjoy a high-quality of life in the community.  We also help to reduce the pressure of caring them at home by their families.

Supreme Care provides training to caregivers, as well as medical appointment escort service for sick and elderly who are living at home. Our healthcare escorts are professional and well trained. They are familiar with hospital and clinic’s patient schedules. They can take care of patients, let patient feel safe and comfortable during their medical consultation and treatment, and during transit.


Besides providing training to caregivers and medical appointment escort service, Supreme Care has a comprehensive team of healthcare experts. Our nursing care team includes professional registered nurses and enrolled nurses, health workers and personal care workers. Our rehabilitation team include physiotherapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapy assistants and occupational therapy assistants. We also have dietitians who can provide nutrition consultation, evaluation and menu design; clinical psychologists doing psychological evaluation and therapy; massage therapist and aromatherapist for home-based clients.

Our services cover medical appointment escort, post-operative care, personal care (feeding, showering, lifting and transfer, toileting), urinary catheter care, stoma care, wound care, medicine injection, nasogastric tube feeding, dementia care, post-stroke rehabilitation, mobilization and stretching therapy, joint pain management, chest physiotherapy, lymphedema decongestion therapy, occupational therapy, assessment and training for activities of daily living, home safety assessment and improvement.


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Call us anytime during our office hours to receive a free consultation from our community health experts.

Tel : +852 2838-3913

WhatsApp : 9380-8873

Email :

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Based on your timely need, we will match you with our best private nursing and healthcare professionals

Follow up

Supreme Care values communication. Our team will be in touch during every steps of your journey to ensure you or your loved ones are receiving the best service possible.

Client Stories (1)

My mother stayed in hospital for a period of time after a stroke and returned home to continue her rehabilitation. Besides having the stroke, she also has high blood sugar, high blood lipids, and high blood pressure. For these reasons, she has frequent follow-up medical consultations.  As we know medical appointment includes a lot of medical procedures such as blood sampling, laboratory tests, doctor consultations, medicine collection and payment at cashier which are all very time-consuming. A medical follow up usually takes more than half a day while traffic time has not yet been counted in. At that time I was so worry, I wondered how to notify my company for leave, and my client for change of meeting dates. Fortunately, I found Supreme Care’s medical appointment escort service from the website. Their team was very professional. After knowing about my mother's health problem, they asked for our address, details of medical appointments and time. They then quickly found a professional medical appointment escort for us. Under the medical escort’s caring arrangement, my mother successfully completed her follow-up consultation. My mother was very satisfied with the medical escort service.  My mother has been in a bad mood since suffering from the stroke. With the help of the medical escort, now she found that she could arrange her own follow-up medical consultation, and she has begun to increase her confidence in daily life. Her mood and health gradually improved. We are all very happy and grateful to the Supreme Care’s medical escort service!


Frequently asked questions


1. I don’t really know what kind of medical escort service Supreme Care can give us?

We listen to our clients, understand their case history, and then discuss with our clients what their care needs are.  We will match their care needs with the skills and experiences of our healthcare professionals, and then recommend the type of services and the relevant healthcare persons who will deliver it.  Each case is unique, therefore our care plan is individualized and bespoke.


2. What is the charge of your medical escort service?

Supreme Care’s service fee is based on the individual client’s medical condition, the complexity of care required, the type of professional input, the duration of care and the time when services are provided.  We need to discuss with our client to assess their needs before making proposal and quoting prices.


3. Can I select my medical escort?

You are an important member of the caring team and you do have the right to choose your team members.  We will introduce medical appointment escort personnel to you before we start delivering service.  Your input is valued and respected in the selection of your healthcare professionals and assistants.


4. How do I get Supreme Care’s medical escort service?

You may call Supreme Care’s private nursing service Hong Kong at 2838-3913 or WhatsApp us at 9380-8873.   You may also email us at Our medical appointment escort team will contact you and arrange the suitable medical escort services for you.

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