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Why Choose Us

Our founder has many years of experience in the healthcare field. Her experience exposed her to the critical need for personalized and attentive care for the elderly at home. Caring for the elderly often requires a lot of undivided time and attention, which can be very stressful and demanding. However many family members do not have the appropriate knowledge or time to provide the care to the elderly needs to maintain a quality life. This need inspired her to set up Supreme Care.



Our team is professionally trained so they can provide the best care for our clients.


Privacy Protection

We strictly abide by our privacy policy and keep all clients information confidential.


Committed to Excellence

Our team comprises of specialist healthcare professionals who strive for excellence and are committed to continuous development.


Family Support

We listen to our clients' needs. We provide flexible caring plans to meet the needs of individual families. Families are regularly updated on the progress of our clients.


Personalized Care

We are a caring team committed to providing the best quality in home services. Our clients are our priority.


Multidisciplinary Holistic Care

Based on a holistic approach, we deploy the expertise and skills of a multidisciplinary team to meet our clients' needs, and to deliver the best outcome.

Give Us A Call

Call us anytime during our office hours to receive a free consultation from our community health experts.

Tel : +852 2838-3913

WhatsApp : 9380-8873

Email :

Book An Appointment

Based on your timely need, we will match you with our best private nursing and healthcare professionals

Follow up

Supreme Care values communication. Our team will be in touch during every steps of your journey to ensure you or your loved ones are receiving the best service possible.

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