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Medical Escort Care


Supreme Care is a home care service company that provides home rehabilitation and nursing care services.  Our professional team supports the sick and elderly to continue to enjoy a high-quality of life in the community.  We also help to reduce the pressure of caring them at home by their families.

Supreme Care provides training to caregivers, as well as medical appointment escort service for sick and elderly who are living at home. Our healthcare escorts are professional and well trained. They are familiar with hospital and clinic’s patient schedules. They can take care of patients, let patient feel safe and comfortable during their medical consultation and treatment, and during transit.




我們見到很多成功的上門的外展復康治療服務案例,不但提高長者的健康水平,家人也更安心。我們可提供定期的復康報告給家人,也隨時聆聽家人的意見, 針對長者及家人的需要而度身訂造最合適的復康治療計劃。除了派出上門的復康治療師,我們也提供家居安全的評估,以及醫療護理及復康儀器設備的專業意見,令行動不方便的長者也能夠安全地在家中享受舒適的生活。

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Supreme Care values communication. Our team will be in touch during every steps of your journey to ensure you or your loved ones are receiving the best service possible.

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