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Core care

Besides providing training to caregivers and medical appointment escort service, Supreme Care has a comprehensive team of healthcare experts. Our nursing care team includes professional registered nurses and enrolled nurses, health workers and personal care workers. Our rehabilitation team include physiotherapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapy assistants and occupational therapy assistants. We also have dietitians who can provide nutrition consultation, evaluation and menu design; clinical psychologists doing psychological evaluation and therapy; massage therapist and aromatherapist for home-based clients.

Our services cover medical appointment escort, post-operative care, personal care (feeding, showering, lifting and transfer, toileting), urinary catheter care, stoma care, wound care, medicine injection, nasogastric tube feeding, dementia care, post-stroke rehabilitation, mobilization and stretching therapy, joint pain management, chest physiotherapy, lymphedema decongestion therapy, occupational therapy, assessment and training for activities of daily living, home safety assessment and improvement.


Our services are tailored to each client's individual circumstances, so we take into account your health needs and financial circumstances.


We have a comprehensive team of medical experts:

• Registered Nurse

• Enrolled Nurse

• Health Worker

• Personal Care Worker

• Occupational Therapist

• Occupational Therapist Assistant

• Physical Therapist

• Physical Therapy Assistant

• Nutritionist

• Massage therapist

• Aroma therapist

• Consultant

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