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Exploring Elderly Well-being: Supreme Care Founder's Interview

Faced with a rapidly aging population, our Hong Kong government’s policy of “aging in place” is being implemented in various channels. The government has rolled out many home and community care services. Supreme Care founder and CEO Dr Cissy Yu was interviewed by Radio Hong Kong. She talked about the needs of the elderly and their carers, and how they can find help and support in the community setting. There are also case sharing and discussions .

Guide to Accessing the Interview

To listen to Dr. Cissy Yu's interview recording, click here to visit the RTHK Radio program website. Locate the episode dated November 28, 2023, titled "Elderly Support Care at Home / “They” Are Showing a Greater Willingness to Spend Money / Is Shared Work a Suitable Option for You? / Currently Trending Social Topics." Once there, select the topic “Elderly Support Care at Home” under the “Medical Care Starts from the Heart” section. The interview will begin 10 minutes after the recording starts. Enjoy the discussion!

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