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Surging need for medical escorts for helping elderly to medical appointments and follow-up consultations

With the rapidly growing aging population, well-trained medical escort is in huge demand for caring senior citizens.  In particular when family members have to go to work or outside Hong Kong while foreign domestic helpers are not familiar with Hong Kong's medical system and social conditions.  Professionally trained medical escort can ease the pressure for the carer to accompany patients for seeing doctor, follow-up consultation, going hospital for diagnosis or treatment.

Medical escort should embrace nursing knowledge and skills which include vital sign monitoring, communication skills with the elderly, skills in lifting and transferring patients, clinic and hospital registration and appointment procedures, as well as familiar with the local community, transportation vehicle and routes.  They can understand doctor's instructions and relay the message accurately to the patient’s family members.  They are passionate in helping and caring people such that they are motivated to getting the job done with great satisfaction.

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