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Medical Escort Care


Supreme Care is a home care service company that provides home rehabilitation and nursing care services.  Our professional team supports the sick and elderly to continue to enjoy a high-quality of life in the community.  We also help to reduce the pressure of caring them at home by their families.

Supreme Care provides training to caregivers, as well as medical appointment escort service for sick and elderly who are living at home. Our healthcare escorts are professional and well trained. They are familiar with hospital and clinic’s patient schedules. They can take care of patients, let patient feel safe and comfortable during their medical consultation and treatment, and during transit.

Provide tailor-made private care services for your most important family members

We are able to meet the expectations of the family, the needs of the elderly. We believe that every family situation is unique, so we value and listen to family members. Therefore, we will provide personalized professional nursing services according to the conditions of each sick elder and his family. Our home care services are comprehensive, from short-term accompanying and inpatient and discharge care, to long-term physical care, drug management, nutritional diet and monitoring of vital signs, etc., our medical teams will also use the most serious in their respective fields Attitude, to provide your family with medical and spiritual assistance, to make their later life more comfortable and happy.

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Follow up

Supreme Care values communication. Our team will be in touch during every steps of your journey to ensure you or your loved ones are receiving the best service possible.

Client Stories (1)

My siblings were very worried when our 95 years old father returned home from the hospital after one month of stay there. Though his primary problem was stabilized with the right medications, he was fragile. He could not walk or get out of bed without assistance, let alone go to the toilet by himself. He was at risk of falling. His domestic helper was not trained to look after sick elderly, so my father’s return home was a big problem. My sister and I had thought about finding a high quality nursing home for my father, but that would be very sad for him to leave the home he had lived in for 40 years. So we searched for home care services in Hong Kong and found Supreme Care. We discussed with their care consultant, who was very understanding of our situation, and she recommended home rehabilitation for my father. The home rehabilitation plan included physiotherapy assessment and treatment, occupational therapy assessment, and personal care support. Supreme Care’s home care services team includes physiotherapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapy assistants, and health workers. The physiotherapist was friendly and patient, and he used to treat geriatric patients in hospital before he switched to community care. He was very professional and good at giving health education to my father. Soon my father and his physiotherapist formed a rapport, and he looked forward to receiving his home rehabilitation treatment. The physiotherapist also explained my father's condition and treatment to my sister and me, as he said home rehabilitation involved family members' support as well. Supreme Care's occupational therapist visited my father's home and carried out a home safety assessment. She recommended the bathroom alterations and a few pieces of medical furniture, which we had to install or buy. She gave us the measurements and the suppliers of these home rehabilitation equipment and furniture. Afterward, my father regained his confidence to resume his lifestyle. We have made the right decision to use Supreme Care’s service.

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